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The Legendary Kondabolu Brothers of Queens (Hari and Ashok) were born to immigrant parents attempting to create Indian-American superhumans and instead were left with a comedian (Hari) and a man of indefinable abilities (Ashok).

They have combined forces to create a semi-regular live talk show called “The Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Project” and a new podcast “The Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Podcast.” They are one day hoping to make money. 


Hari Kondabolu is a standup comedian who has appeared on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live, John Oliver’s NY Standup Show and has his own half-hour special on Comedy Central. He was also a writer for “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” on the FX Network. 

His website is harikondabolu.com and you can find him on Twitter at @harikondabolu


Ashok Kondabolu was the hypeman “Dapwell” of the now-defunct rap-group Das Racist. He is also the creator of the rap radio show “Chillin’ Island” and the NYC-variety show "Hey, How Ya Doin?"

His website is dapwell.com and you can find him on Twitter at @dapwell


Watch the brothers share unbelievably shocking family secrets. Watch them get into heated conversations about religion, gentrification, Nazis, racism, and baseball. Watch Ashok drink 2 liters of tea in an hour without urinating once. Watch them infuriate each other with their patented brand of spontaneous and incisive fraternal psycho-analysis. Watch them go off on tangents with widely varying levels of success.

Anything is possible during this freewheeling, mind-melting performance. 

Kondabolu Brothers