How Much Does Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost?

tennis court resurfacing

Tennis court resurfacing is a vital part of any tennis court maintenance plan. It improves the performance of your court by enhancing traction and making shots easier to complete. However, resurfacing is only half the story. The other side is the repair phase, which includes a comprehensive examination of the surface and doing necessary repairs like surface leveling or fixing cracks.

While there is no definitive formula for calculating the exact cost of tennis court resurfacing, many factors can affect it. For example, if your court is in need of repair work or other significant issues it will cost more than just resurfacing. Also, the type of surface can significantly influence the resurfacing costs. For example, asphalt courts are more likely to need resurfacing than concrete surfaces.

Choosing the Right Surface: A Comprehensive Comparison for Tennis Court Resurfacing

Generally, contractors will start the process by cleaning the surface of your tennis court thoroughly using a pressure washer and degreaser. This removes any dirt and buildup from the surface of your court that can interfere with the new coating. It also ensures that the paint adheres properly to the surface of your tennis court.

Once the cleanup is done, the contractor will fill in any existing cracks and address other major problems with your court, such as low spots or depressions. It is important to do these types of repairs before the resurfacing process because it can greatly reduce the amount of time your tennis court needs to be resurfaced.

Proper drainage of your tennis court can help extend the time between resurfacing as well. If moisture is able to drain properly from your tennis court, it will reduce the chances of mildew or moss growth and prevent flooding issues that may impact the quality of your play.