Organizing Online News

There are many 아던트뉴스 sites that focus on specific topics. Some sites focus on politics, others on weather and other things going on around the world. Most online news sites feature a mixture of AP news and articles written by their own staff. Those that are more specific often have local news as well. You can find these by doing a web search for your city and the word news.

Most online news sites follow the inverted pyramid model for writing a story. This means that the most important information goes at the top of the article, with the who, what, where, when and why following. This helps readers to navigate the story and not get lost in the details.

The Ethical Implications of Digital News Reporting

Another way to organize the information in an online news article is by using subheads. This is a great way to highlight the main points of the story and keep the reader interested. Using boldface text can also help to make certain words or phrases stand out. Finally, using bulleted or numbered lists can help to break up the text into easy-to-read sections.

Online news can be a lot of fun to read, but it can also be misleading. In its drive for immediacy, it can lose sight of the fact that journalism is about more than simply aggregating and disseminating facts. The ephemeral nature of the online newspaper can also mask the reality of how much work goes into its production. This is, perhaps, the ultimate expression of Marx’s theory that alienation from the process devalues the product.