The Most Surprising Sports Statistics

The Most Surprising Sports Statistics

Behind every magical athletic performance is a hidden packet of facts. These tidbits of knowledge keep fans engaged, and sometimes even surprised by different achievements and records in the sports world. Whether it’s a player’s breakfast preferences, pregame rituals or tendency to fold during a poker game, these facts are what makes sports fun and interesting.

FTW combed through our ค้นพบเกมบาคาร่าที่ UFABET extensive archives and the internet to compile this list of The Most Surprising Sports Statistics. From the average attendance for Muhammad Ali’s first boxing match to how much money Michael Jordan made as a minor league baseball player to what country the Boston Celtics would rank if they were their own nation, these fascinating facts are sure to surprise and amaze even the most die-hard sports fans.

1. The average golfer hits 107 yards per drive.

2. The most successful golf swings are made with the arms, shoulders and back.
3. During the 1943-44 season, the Pittsburgh Pirates were arguably the best team in baseball history — and they didn’t even make the playoffs. The reason? The infamous players’ strike that forced the cancellation of the postseason, ruining the chances for record-setting seasons by Tony Gwynn and Matt Williams.

4. There are more golf courses in North Dakota than there are people living in the state.

5. In high school sports, boys still dominate.

Girls are increasingly stepping up to the plate when it comes to youth sports, but there’s one area in which boys remain well ahead of the pack: team sports. In fact, basketball is the only sport in which participation rates for both girls and boys are in double digits.