TikTok Ads Inspiration

TikTok Ads Inspiration

With its fun, entertaining personality, TikTok Ads Inspiration is the perfect platform for brands to connect with young audiences. That’s why it’s important to use creative elements that capture the energy of the app. To get you started, here are some of the top TikTok ads that brands have used to grab and hold viewers’ attention.

Beauty brand CoverGirl tapped into a popular TikTok trend by repurposing an influencer testimonial post. This helped the ad feel authentic and natural, while also conveying the message of their new foundation to consumers.

Meal-kit delivery service HelloFresh took a more subtle approach to their ad, choosing to use raw footage of their products instead of branded content. This gave the video an organic look that makes it less disruptive and easier to fit natively on TikTok feeds.

ding Inspiration: Examples of Effective TikTok Ads

High-end fashion brand Fendi leans into another key TikTok trend by using popular TikTok effects to create a fun, eye-catching ad that communicates their new product. This ad is the perfect example of how to create an effective ad that blends in with TikTok’s visual aesthetic while still conveying a clear call-to-action.

DoorDash makes good use of the platform’s vertical framing with this ad, positioning themselves as an ideal side gig for Gen Z. The ad is narrated by a popular TikTok content creator who uses the latest trends and emojis to appeal to the audience’s desire for a fast, easy way to make extra money.