Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Carbon Dioxide is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that can make people sick or even die if it is allowed to build up in the air. It is a dangerous, but potentially preventable threat that can result from a variety of conditions such as improperly operating or vented gas appliances, faulty furnaces, or faulty wood burning stoves. Carbon Monoxide detectors can help to protect you and your family by alerting you of any excessive levels of the gas.

A carbon dioxide detector consists of a sensor and an alarm. The sensor is typically a small pad of tin containing a chemical that reacts with CO2. The sensing material will change the electrical resistance of the sensor to indicate if the level of CO2 is high. The alarm is triggered when the concentration of CO2 in the air reaches a preset level.

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Both fixed and portable units are available. The choice between the two depends on the environment where the CO2 monitor is used. A fixed unit is great for monitoring specific areas where CO2 is stored or used such as breweries and pubs, while a portable unit can be worn by employees who are entering locations that may not have fixed detectors.

The best type of sensor for monitoring CO2 concentrations is the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor. This sensor works by directing light through a filter that is set at the wavelengths most sensitive to CO2. The CO2 in the air will absorb some of the light beams, reducing their intensity. The sensors are also immune to other substances such as smoke and dust, so they are well suited for use in hazardous environments.