Choosing the Best Spread Betting Broker


Speculating on the direction of financial instruments is one way to generate income from investing, without having to buy and sell physical assets. But choosing the best spread betting broker for you will depend on your trading style, the asset classes and markets you are most interested in.

Best spread betting brokers should look for brokers with a high number of currency pairs on offer, a low margin requirement and tight FX spreads. In addition, they should ensure the brokerage offers live chat and phone support in case they run into any issues while executing trades.

Stocks and shares spread bettors should consider a broker with a large selection of UK and international stocks, as well as a range of commodities and indices. It is also important to find a broker that has low commissions and no swap fees. It is worth looking at the spreads on the markets you plan to trade, as they can make a big difference to your profits and losses.

Best Forex Trading Platforms in the UK for 2024

IG Group is the most established of all the spread betting brokers, having pioneered the concept back in 1974. The company still leads the field today, offering one of the most advanced platforms and a broad range of markets to choose from.

Pepperstone has been a leading name in the Forex market for some time, but its rapid trade execution and broad range of tools makes it an excellent choice for UK spread bettors too. We found the broker executed standard market orders in around 100 ms and limit orders in just 77 ms – a remarkable figure when compared to industry averages.